これまでの経験を活かして、人々が本当の自分に気づくためのプロセスに役立ちたいと願い「 pure self method 」を創設。

・The School of the Heart 認定 ハート・イメジェリー講師
・The School of the Heart 認定 クリヤヨガ ファーストイニシエーション講師
・米国催眠士協会 公認認定 ヒプノセラピスト
・米国催眠療法協会 公認認定 ヒプノセラピスト
・ノウイングウェイ ジャパン( 旧ゲリー・ボーネル・ジャパン)


・白崎茶会認定 パン先生
・国家資格 歯科衛生士

After engaging in medical care as a dental hygienist, I made my major debut as a J-POP singer from Sony Music Records in 2004. Sang the theme songs for movies and TV
In addition to singing, I want to use my spiritual sensitivity to help people, so I began to learn various things such as spirituality, healing, lifestyle,and therapies.
Taking advantage of my experience, I launched “pure self method”, hoping to support the process that people remember “who really you are”.

・The School of the Heart Certified Heart Imagery teacher
・The School of the Heart Certified Kriya Yoga First Initiation teacher
・Hypnotherapist certified by The National Guild of Hypnotists
・Hypnotherapist certified by The American Board of Hypnotherapy
・Inner Child Integration Hypnotherapist certified by Trisha Caetano
of International Institute For Integration Therapy and Trai
・The Reconnective Healing® Foundational Practitioner
・The Knowing Way Japan (formerly Gary Bonnell Japan) 
 Graduated from Knowing School 7th semester

・GAJ Japan Gemmotherapy Association Certified Therapist
・National qualification Dental Hygienist